X-Wing Wave 7 is da bomb

Fantasy Flight Games have released details of X-Wing Wave 7 – and it’s giving munitions a serious buff as well as expanding the Scum and Villainy options.

The release will introduce two new Scum an Villainy ships with the Kihraxz Fighter “modelled on the X-Wing” and bounty hunter Bossk’s Hound’s Tooth, so bolstering their options.

The Rebel and Imperials both gain a new bomber each – in the K-Wing and TIE Punisher.  Both come with the new Extra Munitions card, which allows each equipped bomb, torpedo and/or missile equipped on a ship to be used twice.  It take a torpedo slot, but as the Y-Wing and Bomber already possess two torpedo slots it reduces the cost of extra ordinance which may make the decision between ordinance vs new ship that much more difficult.


The K-Wing also has the new “SLAM” action, which allows it to gain an extra manoeuvre at it’s existing speed, but at the cost of being unable to use weapons.  Both ships also come with new mine, bomb and missile/torpedo options – though FFG haven’t released the details on all of them.

Wave 7 is expected in Q3, 2015.  You can read more on the FFG site here.



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