Imperial Raider – latest X-Wing “Huge” ship

Somehow I missed the announcement during the run-up to Christmas that FFG are releasing the first “Huge” ship for the Imperials for the X-Wing miniatures game, but announcement there was.

The ship is entirely new – created in consultation with Lucasfilm for the game.  It sits in the same scale as the Rebel Corvette and looks like a cross between a Star Destroyer and the recently-released Decimator.  I have to say it looks pretty good.

Imperial Raider
The new Imperial Raider

The Imperial Raider is a beast built for anti-fighter combat; armed with 6 dual heavy-laser cannons as well as ion cannons.  That’s a very heavily armed ship, though  given the energy rules for Huge ships I expect it would take careful management, slow manoeuvres to be able to use them.  Looking at the fire arcs on the base it may have some blind spots too, and the heavy-laser cannon can’t shoot at range 1; so the best chance may be to sneak up from behind and get close to it.

FFG have a shot of all the goodies that come with the Raider:

Raider and goodies...
Raider and goodies…

Apart from the Raider itself a new paint-job version of the TIE/Advanced is included, along with 6 new pilots for it and modifications unique to the Advanced.

The TIE/Advanced has for a long time been considered a pretty useless addition to a fleet, much as the A-Wing was for the Rebels before Rebel Aces came along, but with this expansion it’s finally fixed… the modification TIE/x1 allows for a free upgrade, up to the value of 4 points, and all but one upgrade costs 4 points or less; so there’s a lot to choose from.


In addition, Adv. Targeting Computer gives you a guaranteed Critical Hit in addition to your dice roll (subject to defence dice) if you’ve got a target lock – making the Advanced a more significant threat than it’s low attack rating gave it.  It’s costing 1 point if you’ve taken TIE/x1!



This excellent post on Team Covenent explores the options and potential lists this unlocks in more detail.

All in all it looks like a great new expansion and finally gives the Imperials something to match the CR-90 in Epic game mode.  Thought it is an expensive way to fix the TIE/Advanced!

The FFG site has this expansion listed as “In Development” and due “Q1 2015”; given lead times on these being shipped and arriving in the UK I’m guessing we’re looking March/April-ish until they are available.

Source: FFG announcement

Update – 25/04/2015: Release is now expected in May, 2015.

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