Game Report: Three-player X-Wing

I’ve picked up the Scum and Villainy expansions and a YT-2400 so on Tuesday we decided to try a game with all three factions in.  It was 100 points each and I was playing against people with not that much X-Wing experience so I tried to go for lists which shouldn’t be too hard to fly.  Though one of the players decided to ditch my Chewy-Leebo list for another Chewy-Leebo list he found online.

The lists were as follows:

Daz – Rebel:

YT-2400 – Leebo w/Determination, Heavy Laser Cannon, Dash Rendar and Outrider title

YT-1300 – Chewbacca w/Nien Numb, Lando, Experimental Interface and Millennium Falcon title

Carl – Imperial:

I went for something that should deal significant damage with few ships, and had the capability to stick around for a while through the combination of plenty of evade dice.

TIE/Interceptor – Soontir Fel w/Push the Limit, Autothrusters and Royal Guard title

TIE/Interceptor – Carnor Jax w/Outmanoeuvre, Autothrusters and Royal Guard title

TIE/Phantom – Shadow Squadron w/Sensor Jammer and Advanced Cloaking Device

Me – Scum and Villainy:

This was a list I found which looked interesting as it’s built on the idea of S&V being “loners” so fighting as a split force.

Firespray 31 – Kath Scarlet w/Veteran Instincts, K4 Security Droid and Engine Upgrade

Z-95 Headhunter – N’Dru Suhlack w/Cluster Missiles and Lone Wolf

Y-Wing – Drea Renthal w/Ion Cannon Turret, R4-B11, and BTL-A4 Y-Wing title


I set up in the central part of one side, while the others setup in the farthest corners from mine – so as equal spacing as possible on a 3×3 table.   I split my forces on the first turn, while Daz kept his YT’s together and Carl sent the Phantom in their direction, and two Interceptors in my direction.

The Firespray got a shot off at the Millennium Falcon in the first round, taking out a couple of shields.

In round two, the Firespray shot its rear guns at the Falcon almost eliminating it’s shields.

I’d hoped to get the Z-95 in position to get the extra dice rolls from Lone Wolf and in range to fire the Cluster Missiles.  If that went well I could have at best destroyed both Interceptors and if not at least have dealt one of them some damage, softening it up for it to be finished off later.  As it was, the combat occurred at range 3 – so the cluster missiles weren’t an option.  The Z-95 had two Interceptors to contend with.  Worst of all, the Y-Wing was about half-a-centremetre too close so Lone Wolf didn’t kick in on the defence.

The Z-95 stood no chance.  Kaboom!

Meanwhile the Phantom was working it’s way through the YT-2400’s shields, getting to range 1 – so Carl was rolling 5 dice and then using Advanced Cloak to roll 4 defence dice.

Daz’s Falcon was surviving well, despite the early damage, and was weakening the Y-Wing.

The Firespray was avoiding being targeted, but I was having a hard time getting it into a useful position, though eventually I managed to combine it with the Carl’s Interceptors to finish off the Millennium Falcon.

The Y-Wing did some damage to the Interceptors too, but they finished it off soon after, once the Millennium Falcon was gone.

The YT-2400 in the meantime managed to take out the Phantom and one of the Interceptors.  In trying to get the Firespray into position to take out the YT-2400 I managed to fly it off the table.  Note to self: the Firespray does not have a 1 hard-right!

All that remained on the table now was Daz’s YT-2400 and one of Carl’s Interceptors (Jax).  Each with one hull left.  They flew around the table for a while trying to get into optimum position to shoot – with the higher pilot skill on Jax, Daz needed to ensure he was out of arc when he fired, while Carl just needed to make sure he got a successful shot off.  As it turned out, the pressure was too much for Daz and he ended up flying the YT-2400 off the table edge just as Carl would have had the perfect opportunity to finish him off.


This was our first game with three factions with each playing against the others.  It played really well – with everybody fully aware that if you weakened one person too much you’d give the advantage to your opponent so attacks were fairly spread – e.g. once my Z-95 was down the focus was on Carl and Daz until each had lost a ship.

Autothrusters on the Interceptors was brutal – as if Interceptors aren’t bad enough!  It works really well against the turret ships though, as the 360 doesn’t count as “arc” so gives them something else to think about.

Ultimately a very fun game.  I’m looking forward to trying out some more Scum and Villainy lists!



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