FFG reveal details of the IG-2000

FFG have posted a reveal on the abilities of the new Large ship for the Scum and Villainy faction – the IG-2000.   This ship definitely knows some manoeuvres!

It’s a tricksy ship – very-much focused on some special manoeuvres in a way large ships haven’t been previously; most notably the Sengor’s Loop, which allows it to do a 180 turn after completing a 3-bank move, handy for getting an opponent in fire-arc and less predictable than the usual Koiogran-turn.

IG-2000's manoeuvre dial
IG-2000’s manoeuvre dial

The IG-2000 title is non-unique and has zero cost, so multiple ships can be fielded with it – and they inherit the pilot abilities of whichever of the other IG-88 pilots fielded; the ship includes four IG-88 pilots (IG-88A to IG-88D) each costing 36 points and featuring unique abilities.  Add the IG-2000 and those abilities are given to both ships, so some powerful combinations can be built.  That’ll give the opponent some incentive to focus-fire on one ship I expect, to cut the IG-2000 down to just the one pilot ability!

Take a look at FFG’s reveal for more information on the abilities and features of the IG-2000.

Rumours are the next wave of X-Wing ships will be released toward the end of January – though sites are generally listing the end of February.  In anywise, you can pre-order it at 365games.co.uk for £22.99.

What do you think of the IG-2000?  Discuss the IG-2000 in the comments below.

IG-2000 box art
IG-2000 box art

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