WWE and Family Guy next to see tabletop conversions

Gale Force 9  have announced two new games licenses at this year’s New York Toy Fair – for WWE and Family Guy.

The licenses join their existing portfolio – which include Dungeons & Dragons, Firefly, Spartacus and most-recently Homeland.  They also have a Black Sails game on the way which should see release alongside season 3.

The WWE game will pit teams against one another and aims to emphasise the drama and meta-story, with the use of story cards selected by the teams.  They’re aiming to release ahead of Gen Con 2015 – which takes place from July 1 to August 2.

The Family Guy license will see multiple games, with the first being “Stewie’s Sexy Party”.  It’ll be a card-based game, with he aim to find particular items.  The loser is named Meg.

With all these TV-show conversions coming, and a number of them being good (there have been a lot of positive murmurings around Homeland and Spartacus was very-well received) it really does make a mockery of this atrocious blog post on the Game of Thrones Monopoly game in the Guardian this week

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