Exploding Kickstarters

In this post I’ll provide a round-up on three Kickstarters – one backed, one half-way through and one newly launched.

Exploding Kittens

ExplodingKittensLogoFirst off, the big Kickstarter news is that the Oatmeal cardgame, Exploding Kittens, was backed last week – reaching a massive $8.8m.

It seems a crazy amount for what’s a fairly simple cardgame concept, but it demonstrates how a theme and recognition can propel something to stratospheric heights and I’ve no doubt from looking a the sample art and description of gameplay it will be a fun game that provides lots of entertainment.   Hopefully it’ll whet people’s appetite for tabletop gaming and bring a few more people into the hobby!


This card-based RPG, which replaces dice rolls with a “poker deck” of cards for each player is half-way towards it’s £30k funding goal – with just under two weeks to go.

FAITHSciFiRPGBoxI really like the look of this, as it seems like a really good concept – especially for those new to roleplaying.  Basically the players draw from their poker deck to resolve conflicts – rather than using dice.  It becomes about managing player resources rather than relying on the randomness of dice rolls.  In fairness, a good GM in a traditional RPG would probably aim to balance things a bit if the rolls were consistently going against you, but I really like the idea of the system that FAITH is based on.  I imagine for those who are dice-averse it could be a good way to try a role play game for the first time.

The entire game is managed through the cards too, so another potentially off-putting factor for RPGs – the lengthy character sheet process – is eliminated.

Backing the Kickstarter for £46 will get you the full game box – including all the cards you need for four players and the GM.  You can find out more about FAITH on the official FAITH: The Sci-Fi RPG website; where you’ll also find a print-and-play.


ThunderbirdsBoardMockupI reported the imminent launch of a Thunderbirds board game Kickstarter, and here it is.   It’s got just over a month to go and has the modest goal of £20k, for what I expect to be a popular theme.

Looking at the materials so far I like the look of the plastic minis and cards, however there’s something about the map that doesn’t quite seem “Thunderbirdsy” enough for me.  It is an early mock-up though, so perhaps that’ll be revised.

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