Cyberpunk card-based RPG Kickstarter launched

Cambridge-based Grenade Punch Games launched a Kickstarter today for their card-based Cyberpunk roleplaying game Neon Sanctum.

Neon Sanctum - Kickstarter
Neon Sanctum – Kickstarter

There is a growing trend of card-based role-play games, and Neon Sanctum is the latest addition in this area.  The beauty of these games is the simplicity in getting started – I’ve played Pathfinder, Shadowrun and Cyberpunk and the first couple of sessions are spent agonising over a character sheet with pencil and rubber waiting for the GM’s attention to clarify a rule or how many points you have to spend.  Card-based role-play games promise to significantly simplify this for players and GM, though I’ve yet to give one a try.

I’ve received a copy of Neon Sanctum to review so will be posting more once I’ve had a run through but for now check out the  Kickstarter page.  £1 gets you access to the print-and-play, while £34 gets you the core game box.

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