Halo tabletop miniatures games announced

Two tabletop miniatures game, based on the Halo video game series, have been announced for release by the appropriately-named UK company, Spartan Games.

Halo UNSC Fleet
Halo UNSC Fleet

Spartan Games produce the Firestorm Armada sci-fi space battle miniatures game and has now entered into a licensing agreement with Microsoft to produce new games based on the Halo universe.

First to be released, sometime this year, will be a space combat game.  Details of how the game will work are sparse, however it perhaps wouldn’t be a huge leap of faith to suspect some elements of the Firestorm Armada game may be re-appropriated for the new game.  Certainly the Halo illustrations of the fleets and ship size combinations don’t look a far cry from those used in FA.

Neil Fawcett, Creative Director, Spartan Games said “Our design team are huge fans of ‘Halo’ and this opportunity is the icing on the cake for them. After six years of successfully creating our own games and models, we can now work with Microsoft to bring epic ‘Halo’ spaceship battles to gaming tables around the world.”

At a later date Spartan will also be releasing a ground-based combat game.


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