Epic PvP Kickstarter backed after one day

Alderac Entertainment Group and Fun to 11 launched a Kickstarter for new shuffle-building card combat game Epic PvP yesterday and it’s already approaching three-times it’s target.

In Epic PvP you make a character by choosing a Class Deck, a Race Deck, and shuffling them together.  It’s aimed to combine a simple and fun combat game with a sense of the fantasy roleplaying world the characters and classes are drawn from.

With AEG are backing up Fun to 11 by publishing and distributing the game once it’s produced.  As a publisher and distributor of top games such as Love Letter and Smash Up it gives some heavy-weight backup for worldwide distribution.

“AEG makes great games and they have a fantastic relationship with the retail market.  It makes sense for Fun to 11 to partner with a company who could handle that side of distribution without disrupting our desire to focus on making fun, quality games and delivering them to our customers, ” says Luke Peterschmidt, CEO of Fun to 11.

You can check out the Kickstarter for more information, including this video on how to play, which gives a good flavour of the game:

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