Dead of Winter boardgame availability

I’ve been looking for stock for the highly-rated and much-in-demand post-Zombie-apocalypse survival game Dead of Winter.  Games stores have been resupplied in the past few days but, such is the demand, they’re selling out as quickly as they get it in! had stock for around an hour before it sold out.  At present the only place I’ve found it is Hellfire Gaming – for £44.50 plus delivery (£7.45) – so £51.95 in total.

Update: 22/01/2015 (14:23): Hellfire Gaming are out of stock once more.  Third-parties on are charging stupid prices (£75) right now.  Best to wait!

Update: 20/01/2015 (13:34): Hellfire Gaming have stock again.  A third-party on also have it at £49.99 including delivery.

Update: 17/01/2015 (15:20): Hellfire Gaming have sold out now.

Seen Dead of Winter somewhere?  Let us know in the comments!

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