Big week for Conan on your tabletop

Two pieces of news on Conan this week, as a boardgame Kickstarter closes tomorrow, having passed the $2m mark and Modiphius announcing a new tabletop RPG Kickstarter, beginning in August.

Conan Miniatures Boardgame

Conan Boardgame
Conan Boardgame

The boardgame is an asymmetric miniature-based game, where up to four players battle against a fifth “overlord”, including roleplay game elements.  From that description it sounds a bit Descent or Imperial Assault-like, however the mechanics are very different and players of the print-and-play report it’s a more accessible game.

The artwork and miniatures do look very good, including the game boards used for play.

It’s still possible to back the game for the next day, with the entry being $90 which gets backers the full boxed game – including any stretch goals delivered – though with delivery yet to be added on (around $22 for EU and America.

Take a look at the Conan Kickstarter page for more details.

Conan Roleplay Game

Modiphius have agreed a license to publish a Conan Roleplay game titled Robert E. Howard’s CONAN Adventures In An Age Undreamed Of.

The game will be based on  the 2d20 game system, the cinematic roleplaying rules devised by Jay Little (Star Wars: Edge of the Empire) for Mutant Chronicles.  The book is already underway, with a “Howard expert” on board to ensure it remains true to the source material.

Modiphius will also be working with other Conan Properties licensees – including Monolith – who are behind the above boardgame – A Kickstarter will be launched in August 2015 to support a larger range of roleplaying supplements, campaigns, and accessories to follow the core book.

More details in the Modiphius announcement.

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