US Star Wars: Armada pre-orders receiving new shipping dates

A number of US Amazon customers who’ve pre-ordered Star Wars: Armada have received updated shipping dates for the game – with the date moving forward from the end of April to early-March.  March 4, 2015, specifically.  However the Amazon US site has it listed as unavailable.

Armada pre-order update
Armada pre-order update

Meanwhile, in the UK, Amazon don’t have the game available for pre-order; though some were able to order it in December it has since been listed as “Currently available”.  WaylandGames do have it listed for pre-order at £67.99 (RRP is £79.99), with the optimistic release date of January 30, 2015.  Especially optimistic given he timescale Amazon US are sending customers.

For people accustomed to following FFG releases, this ambiguity isn’t really a surprise.  If you’re not too worried about budgeting place your pre-orders and accept “it’ll turn up when it turns up”.  Otherwise just keep an eye out.

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Update: 19:05 – 15/01/2015 – clarified Amazon UK had accepted pre-orders in December but since stopped.

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