Star Wars Armada Wave 2 details released

With wave one due to hit by the end of April Fantasy Flight are not resting on their Armada schedule and have just released details of (admittedly already leaked) wave two due for release later this year, including pricing.


Wave two will feature two large ships, two small (one each for Rebel and Imperial) and a “squadron” set containing ships for both factions.

Alongside the details of each of the ships in FFG’s announcement are also pre-order prices from the FFG store in the USA, and that gives us an indication of how much we might expect to pay when they hit the UK.  Given I posted about this recently, I thought it worth looking at how the US prices may translate and impact the costs of fielding a full fleet.

For the Imperials we have the ship that truly makes this an epic-scale Star Wars battle; the Imperial Star Destroyer.  The game’s first Large-sized ship.  The FFG store has this listed at $49.95.  Given the way the US prices currently translate to UK prices online (Assault Frigate, for example, is $39.95 and can be pre-ordered for around £24), I’d expect that to end up being somewhere between £30 and £36.  It’s not cheap, but it’s not as scary as might have been expected.

The Rebels also get their first Large-sized ship in wave two, with the arrival of Home One – Admiral Ackbar’s flagship (and he’s included).  That’s priced at $39.95 on the FFG store, the same as the Rebel Assault Frigate, so hopefully that should end up being available at around £25 too.

Next up, the Imperials have a new small-size ship; the Imperial Raider, which FFG invented as an equivalent to the CR-90 in the X-Wing miniatures game.  That’s priced at $19.95 – so expect that to be around £14-£15.

The Rebels get the MC30c Frigate as their new small-size ship.  Confusingly the FFG store states it’s a small-sized ship in terms of base-size, but describe it as a mid-level ship.  That’s listed at $29.95; the same cost as the Imperial’s mid-sized Gladiator-class Star Destroyers – so expect it to be around £19-£22 in the UK.

Finally you’ve got a mixed “squadron” pack of Rogues and Villains, including Han Solo with the Millenium Falcon and Boba Fett with Slave 1 as well as a collection of other Rebel and Imperial allies.  These are unpainted, like the Rebel and Imperial squadrons, molded in the same colours as the existing squadrons.  That’s $19.95 on the FFG site – so around £14-£15.



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