Imperial Assault: Plans and last stands…

“So this is it.  It’s all over.  Years of elite training and it comes to this; burying my comrades on some Outer Rim backwater.  Perhaps, while their guard’s down, I can make a break for it…”

– PL-21226, Yavin 4

Imperial Assault Campaign Report : Mission One – Aftermath

I finally had the chance to start a Star Wars: Imperial Assault campaign at the Manchester Tabletop meet-up on Monday.  Five us played through the tutorial again as an introduction and straight away everybody was eager to try out the first campaign mission – so the tutorial did it’s job of selling the game!

Spoiler alert: If you’ve not played the campaign, but plan to, don’t read any further.  I’ve aimed to minimise the information given away but inevitably some details will be revealed.

The characters used in the tutorial were carried over to the campaign – the cast of players were:

  • Bigli – type-cast as Gaarkhan, the Wookie
  • Chris – as the force-sensitive Diala Passil
  • Neil – as the smuggler Jyn Odan
  • Rob – as the hardened-Veteran Fenn Signis

They made planet-fall at an Imperial outpost.  Their mission; to silence an Imperial beacon.  But all is not well – it’s clear the Imperials were expecting them.

An exchange of blows

The Rebel heroes charge out of their landing craft, guns blazing – and Wookie vitro-pole swinging.  The ferocity of the attack drives the Imperial forces back, retreating to guard a data terminal, firing as they move back.

The first turn sees the Probe droid dispatched quickly, and one the Stormtroopers injured.  In return, Gaarkhan faces some focused fire from the Stormtroopers.  By the end of turn two however the Imperial forces are dispatched, to the cost of half of the health of the Wookie.  The Rebel scum also manage to destroy the first of the terminals.

That feeling of impending doom…

As each turn passes the threat level increases by two.  The Rebel players are concerned at the end of turn two that I don’t spend this threat to bring on any additional forces.  “He must have something massive in reserve.  Shit!”; is the consensus of my opponents.

This base is protected!

Unopposed at the start of turn three, the Rebel’s first action is to open the door to the Imperial station.

“They’re here!” the imperial forces should as they scramble their defences.

The trap is sprung; the Imperial’s heavy gun – the E-Web Engineer merges from the forest behind the Rebels, while an Imperial Office and more Stormtroopers emerge from the corridors of the base.  Immediately the E-Web Engineer fires on Gaarkhan.  The first attack results in the Wookie becoming frenzied, while the second manages to wound him.  One Imperial victory condition includes wounding all the Rebel heroes.  One down, four to go!

Gaarkhan does what Gaarkhan does in response – charging the E-Web Engineer and cutting him down in two swipes of his vibro-blade; the first inflicting most of the damage thanks to Gaarkhan’s frenzied charge.

"Stay back!  Stay back!"
“Stay back! Stay back!”

Meanwhile, at the door, the Rebel Dialis faces sustained fire from the Stormtroopers, taking some damage, but she and Jyn inflicted some minor wounds on the Stormtroopers in return.


On Lockdown!

The Imperials continue to enact their plan, resealing the base door and placing it on lockdown; to get through the Rebels will have to blast through.  With Gaarkhan having moved to take out the E-Web Engineer and Fenn hanging back, the Rebel heroes are split in two by the door.

This is a total “OMFG!” moment for the Rebels; and a sense of liking the game switches to loving it when they realise anything could happen.  For me, it’s like…

Dialis, panicked by the door close, immediately turns and attacks it – ignoring the Stormtroopers behind her but going a significant way towards getting it opened again.  Jyn remained calm, treating Dialis wounds which would go some way to calm her for the final push against the defending Imperials.

The Stormtroopers switched their attack to Jyn now – though weren’t very successful.  Jyn meanwhile inflected further injuries to the Stormtroopers, though failed to finish any of them off.

Elsewhere, Gaarkhan and Fenn worked to bring the base door down.

Turn five starts, and the Rebel players are wondering what the hell is waiting for them in the final turn; I’ve got 9 threat built up.  They think some mighty beast is coming to slay them all!

Stay focused!

Realising there are just two rounds left to finish off the terminals the Rebel’s split their forces to focus on their objectives.  Dialas dispatches the Imperial Officer and moves next to one of the terminals, ready to finish it off in the final turn.

Jyn finishes off two of the Stormtroopers while Gaarkhan damages one and Fenn gets into position to attack a terminal.

The Imperials finish turn five with one remaining Stormtrooper.

Brave PL-21226 fighting to his last breath.
Brave PL-21226 fighting to his last breath, even if he can’t shoot straight.

Are you ready for my surprise now?

The big reveal comes in turn 6 as the Rebels anticipate the arrival of my mighty reserves… only their aren’t any.  I’ve already deployed everything I can in the mission.  That impending sense of dread?  That was me just fucking with you!

“Well played.” is the response, as the Rebels set about looting the room and smashing the remaining terminals to pieces.  That kind of takes the gloss off.

The Stormtrooper roles pathetically, all shots being cancelled by defence rolls.  “Only Stormtroopers are so precise.”?  Bull!

“So does the game end as soon as the terminal are destroyed, or turn end?”asks Rob.

“Turn end I assume?”

“Great…”  Rob moves Fenn to beside the remaining Stormtrooper and executes him with a Havoc shot; just to be sure.  With the victory in the bag this was essentially the equivalent of getting the Stormtrooper to dig his own grave and putting a round through his head… his lifeless body dropping into the dark pit dug by his own hands.

Farewell PL-
Farewell PL-21226


It’s a resounding Rebel victory, and a victory for awesome game play too.  Everybody’s keen to continue the campaign next week.  All that remains is for the Rebel’s to pick one of two side missions, or a main story mission so I can be prepared.  I’ve read the briefings for them all – I can hardly wait for next week!

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