Fantasy Flight reveal Han Solo and IG-88 Imperial Assault expansion pack details

More information on the coming expansion packs for Star Wars: Imperial Assault has been revealed, with Fantasy Flight posting details of the Han Solo Ally Pack and IG-88 Villian Pack, which will be part of a seven-pack Wave 1 of expansions.

Han Solo and IG-88 miniatures
Han Solo and IG-88 miniatures

As with the “taster” Luke Skywalker and Darth Vadar packs included with the base set, the new expansions add additional campaign side missions and rewards, as well as new missions and abilities for the two-player skirmish mode. ┬áThe Han Solo reward apparently guarantees that Han shoots first; I guess Lucas doesn’t get to sign-off on these things!

IG-88 adds new Agendas for the Imperial player in campaign – with Droid Uprising allowing Imperial droids to double-up on surge abilities; applying the same ability twice.

You can read the full information over on Fantasy Flight’s website.


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