Boardgame organised play launch by Asmodee

Asmodee announced the launch of organised play for several of their top tabletop boardgames at last weeks GAMA trade show.

Titled Asmoplay, the initiative will provide organised play kits for 7 Wonders, Splendor and Cash ‘n’ Guns: Second Edition.  Packs can be ordered for each which support  tournaments, casual play, and weekly league meet-ups.  The packs contain promotional material along with two copies of the associated game.

From the Asmodee announcement:

This is an exclusive program and will only be offered for a very limited time, so sign-up before the opportunity passes you by. Retailers make a one-time program commitment and receive three different AsmOPlay kits, distributed throughout the year, for Splendor (Q2/2015), 7 Wonders (Q3/2015), and Cash’n Guns – Second Edition (Q4/2015). Program enrollment can only be made through select distributors and is limited to two programs per brick and mortar store location. Membership definitely has its advantages!



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